12-16 Jun 2023 Ile d'Oléron (Oleron Island) (France)


The school took place at La Vieille Perrotine, a holiday center situated on the Oléron Island.  Additional information is available here.



Accommodation is in bungalows with one-person (single) rooms or two-person (double) rooms.  Note that all bungalows have shared bathroom facilities:

  • each single room shares the bathroom with another single room;
  • each double room shares the bathroom with another double room.

This means that a partipant in a single room will share bathroom/shower with another participant, and that a participant in a double room will share bathroom/shower with three other partipants.

We kindly ask participants who wish to share a double room with a specific person to contact the organizers, otherwise the assignment will be random.


How to get there:

by train and then shuttle (suggested): take a train to La Rochelle train station (for example, if you are coming from Paris, there are direct trains leaving from the Montparnasse station taking about 2h30min).  From there, a special shuttle will take you directly to the school location.  There will be two shuttles on Sunday, June 11th:

  • at 4:30pm
  • at 8:30pm

The shuttle will leave from the location pointed out in this document, under "Bus transfer from La Rochelle station".

Please note that the second shuttle arrives late (after 10pm).  The restaurant being closed at that hour, no dinner will be provided to the participants taking the 8:30pm shuttle.  We therefore strongly encourage you to take the first shuttle if you can.

by train then bus: from La Rochelle train station, you may reach the school location on your own by taking line 7 of the local bus system. You need you get off at the stop Dolus d'Oléron and then either you take a taxi or we may organize a pick-up from there (contact the organizers to see if this is possible).  The Vieille Perrotine village is located about 5 km from Dolus.

by air: for environmental reasons, we strongly suggest the above route, but if you must come by air, then the closest airport is La Rochelle, served by some low cost airlines (EasyJet, Ryanair) by a limited number of routes.  The most convenient intercontinental hub is Paris.  From there, you may take a train to La Rochelle, and continue as above.


How to get back:

For the return trip, two shuttles taking you to La Rochelle train station will leave from the school location on Friday, June 16th, at the following hours:

  • 11:15am
  • 1:30pm

The first shuttle leaves before lunch but will be useful for those who need to be back in Paris earlier (for instance because they came by air).


GPS coordinates : 1°15 W 45°47,148 N

Vieille Perrotine aerial view

Vieille Perrotine

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